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After 3 to 5 years, a mechanical movement can begin to demonstrate diminishing accuracy. This is due to degrading of lubrication in the movement gear train and escapement.

Servicing a watch means opening the watch, removing the movement, complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning of each individual part and proper drying, re-oiling, reassembly and then closing the watch. If there’s any broken parts, then the parts will need to be changed during this process.

During this movement servicing process is also the time when any case issues or concerns will be addressed. The case will receive ultrasonic cleaning of each individual part, it will be re-polished and or re-brushed (as requested) and gaskets replaced.

After the watch is made whole again it will be timed and regulated as required to ensure proper running and time keeping. After this entire procedure the watch will be kept running for a number of days for observation before returning it home.

We also offer common servicing and repair of other brands, this service ranges from simple quartz cell (battery) replacement, quartz movement servicing or replacement, mechanical movement servicing and regulating, crystal replacement and so on.       

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